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An unique patented design for comfort
hand feel
Auto hibernation/sleep mode is equipped
Single button multi-function start 、stop
filament、 continuos printing 、reverse
powered by 5V2A power bank….
free to bring it along to everywhere.

Newly re-designed filament reverse function to avoid filament clogs.

45 grams light weight, no burden to your hand even for hours of using

Suitable for teenagers、adult supervision is recommended for children under 14.

Premium quality filament ensuring smooth printing.
We devoted to assure the quality of 3D printing
filaments to reach the perfect realm!
3DMazia Company Limited
Four major advantages
15 years of experience in
printing supplies
company founded in 2015, members have years of experience in printing supplies, professional and management knowledge.
The company's goal is to produce high-quality filament, suitable for professional 3D printing industry and general 3D printing enthusiasts.
High precision filament
To achieve highest quality requirements, We produce
in a clean, non-polluting workshop.
making sure that our filament will not be contaminated
We use masterbatch for production
minimal tolerance
3DMazia filament accepts no impurities & we have a special filtering system to assure highest quality control.
Machine evenly coiled PLA / ABS / PETG filaments
To print with our filaments non stop /no clogging continuously for days & weeks print job.
3DMazia company profile
Over 15 years of experience in printing supplies
3DMazia company profile
Our company was established in 2001 and started our research, development in 3D FDM/FFF/AM printer supplies since 2015. We devoted our expertise from inkjet printer supplies / chemical technology into 3D printer supplies.
However, we started selling our excellent quality of filaments in late 2016 when our filament is matured. Our philosophy is to provide our customer the best quality ....
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